Here’s a fun Christmas card I made one year. I was obsessed with paper track systems for a while and this was an attempt to see how much action I could get from a single pull tab using those internal tracks. It started as a fully dimensional pop-up cuckoo clock with a pendulum that would have doubled as an ornament but I changed the design so that I could focus on the clockwork movement of the animated bell ringers. As you pull the tab, the doors open in opposite directions, then the lady (my wife) leans out to strike the bell being held by the man (me.) Instead she rings MY bell by striking me in the head several times before we return to our separate doors as they close once again.

Why is she always so hurtful to me? Maybe it’s because she has to help me assemble about 100 of these things every year just before the holidays.

CARD11 (1)

Cuckoo Clock pop-up Christmas card
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