I like trying out new ways for people to interact with a greeting card. Pop-ups and paper movables are almost always driven by the opening of a folder, the pulling of a tab, and occasionally from the action of a stretched elastic band. But one is rarely (if ever) asked to blow air into a paper card in order for it to pop up. This card is an elaboration of a standard origami fold along with added features such as stickers for customization and a base so that it can be used as a table top piece.


I never really do origami. People outside of the business often ask me and probably assume that I’m busy folding paper cranes or turtles every day but I never have the opportunity. I just remembered that this basic origami fold had such a fun and different finishing move! I’m saving that last move for the recipient and doing all the tedious folding myself. You’re welcome, card recipients.

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Inflatable Origami Snowman Card
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