Inviting people to electrocute me seems like great holiday fun for everyone, right? This was our Christmas card for 2013. I had to cobble together 100 of these flat led modules from a pile of  scavenged electronic parts. That process started in September with me striping wires, soldering, cutting acrylic plastic etc. The instructions to the recipient read “DO NOT PRESS THIS RED BUTTON” but of course everyone did it and then… I was lit up like a Christmas tree. The effect of the flashing, reverse-printed skeleton worked well and was comical which is what I usually go for.  I remember this being enjoyable to design but much more difficult to assemble than I originally expected due to the electronics. Maybe one day, I’ll have the budget to actually purchase complete electronics so that I won’t have to be the electrical engineer as well as the paper engineer as well as the graphic artist as well as an assembler and so on. It’s hard to see in the photo but there is a twisted red copper wire precariously stretching from the light fixture to the “controller” on the ground. This actually doesn’t conduct electricity but was just there for some added drama – and to make assembly more difficult.

Pop-up Christmas Card with Lights

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