I’m pretty busy trying to make my new Christmas card for this year so I’ll have to keep this post brief – but I had a sighting and I feel like I have to share!

I stopped to get gas today and was shocked to find one of the little paper pop-up fire trucks I designed sitting there on the counter at the gas station! The attendant was also duly “thrilled.”

It mailed flat in a little folder and you’d simply push the bottom to pop it up into a dimensional fire truck that can be seen in the round. I’ve done a few of these vehicles for the same client but this one is the most recent.

It’s kind of strange to see your work out of context in the wild. I noticed it sitting there near an array of different mintsĀ at the cash register while I was paying for gas. At first I squinted at it and thought about how similar this toy truck was to a paper fire truck I made a few months ago but as I got closer to it, I realized that it was also made of paper. “How dare somebody make such a similar paper fire tru- Oh. That’s mine!” Anyway, I’m sure the attendant had her finger on a “weirdo alarm” button behind the counter just in case but I took a photo of it anyway and she smiled. As I left.


Pop-up Fire Truck
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2 thoughts on “Pop-up Fire Truck

  • December 13, 2014 at 6:14 am

    This is akin to seeing your name in bright lights Rob! That must have made you walk on clouds the whole day! Even funnier that she thought you were a weirdo. :D


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