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I’ve been making pop-up Christmas cards since the first year my wife and I were married. This one happens to be the first one cut out by machine. It was still cut relatively slowly one-at-a-time but at least we didn’t have to cut 100 of them out by hand with scissors like the previous years. As you pull open the oven door, a baking tray full of cookies slides out. Once the door is all the way open, the gingerbread Rob & Rosemary stand up. Also, once the card is opened it stands up in its dimensional oven form (with the message “floating” on clear acetate.) It can stay in this form for display or you can collapse it. I had red lights in this design at one point and I also tried some clear vanilla scent decals – but more sensible opinions prevailed. There are already a ton of different materials in this card so planning adequately for assembly time is often a big problem for me as the busy holidays draw near.

CARD9 CARD9 (1) CARD9 (3) CARD9 (4)

Pop-up Oven Christmas Card
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