My work was selected to be included in this fun project for The Movable Book Society!

They’ve put together a collection of 26 pop-up cards – one for each letter of the alphabet. A To Z: Marvels In Paper Engineering is available now and my card represents the letter “K.” I’m proud to be included since there are so many great designs and designers in this collection!


I think I’m the only pull-tab card in the collection – which is nice. I embrace being odd and, although decoration can be a great asset, I value unusual mechanism above all when it comes to paper engineering.

The cover illustration is a subtle clue to which letter will appear inside. Once the tab is pulled to the right, the clutter on top of the drafting table rotates, slides, spins, and flips into position to form the letter “K.”

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“My drafting table is such an unsightly mess!”
“How unexpected – a letter has appeared!”

I submitted work for a second letter but each artist could only have one card in the collection so I’ll just show these “also-ran” comps here.


This was a spinning bowl of “S” shaped ramen noodles.


This “S” card shows 2 images depending upon your viewing angle.
view from the left
view from the right



A To Z Card Collection
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  • August 10, 2018 at 2:50 pm

    Bravo! You’re a magician Rob! Congrats on the book project. Looking forward to more magic.


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