Sometimes my wife has no idea what I’m talking about when I first describe my concept for our Christmas card. This is one of those times. “I have this chainsaw, right? And then I’m swinging it in the air and I chop down an artificial tree which comes crashing down right in the middle of this retail store or somethin’ and the sound of the chainsaw is coming out and then you’ll be standin’ there disapproving and …”  Meanwhile she’s giving me a look that seems to say, “And THIS is why we can’t have nice things.”CARD13

Anyway this is a Christmas card I made with a sound module inside. As the cover is opened, our paper hero swings a chainsaw over to fell an artificial tree in a department store. His wife is duly horrified and raises her arm up to her face in disgust. There is an area of holographic metallic foil on the chainsaw as well to call attention to it. I think the sound of the chainsaw helps sell the humor in this card. And I had a volunteer voice actress say, “security to the seasonal department” at the end of the sound clip but I’m not sure it’s clear in this video.

I forgot that I added some of those plastic retail tag thingies to the cover of this card. I just happened to have a little box of them lying on a shelf in my garage for about 8 years (like one does) and finally thought of a use for them. Of course programmed sound modules aren’t exactly cheap to buy or to send through the mail because of the added bulk and weight but I’m glad I did this. People laugh a lot at this one and that’s usually what I’m going for. In fact at this point if I did one of those pretty, ornate, laser-cut, iridescent, dimensional paper snowflakes – I think people would just wonder, “What’s so funny about that?”

CARD13 (1)CARD13 (2)

Chainsaw Christmas Card
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