We deify all the wrong people. This is a large (40″ x 26″) “stained glass” window I made from around 600 hand-cut paper scraps. I thought it would be a fun piece to add to my upcoming gallery show even though it’s the only 2-D piece I’m showing. Once I got started, I really geeked out and started sweating all the little pixely details as much as I could. I shan’t bore you with all of the 8-bit gamer minutiae and countless hidden meanings. Just try to appreciate it as a strange illustration of some arcane saint which would be hanging in a paper cathedral located right next to a Chuck E. Cheese arcade in Sunnyvale, CA.




I wonder what attribute I might carry if I were sainted in such a manner. Maybe an exacto knife?… a soldering iron?… or one of those cool pens that writes in 10 different colors when you click all the little buttons at the end? Seems undignified somehow. Is there already a patron saint of lost causes? There is!? There was a lot more work in this piece than I originally imagined when it was just a pencil sketch. But it’s really colorful and a lot of the scraps of paper I used are very textural and some even change color as you change your viewing angle. So please come and see it this Friday at the gallery if you can. You don’t even have to bring quarters – unless you don’t like getting parking tickets.


Console Saint – Stained Glass Window Made From Cut Paper

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