I made this pop-up after a visit to one of the lovely Delaware beaches. These crabs are everywhere along the coast here. I believe they come back to spawn here each year. They are pretty gross at first glance but eventually you come to see them as these awesome, armored, prehistoric creatures. I felt compelled to make a paper version once I got home – especially since I doubt the subject has been very popular in pop-ups before. Very soon, I’m going to make another one of these much bigger so that the crab is full-scale. That way, when it unfolds, it can be almost as scary as a real horseshoe crab is.

I put some graphics on this one for fun but it should probably be done on some nice textured paper when I make it bigger. I’m sure you can glue to sandpaper, right? I’ll find out.


Update: I did make this larger on nice textured paper for my art show.



Horseshoe Crab Pop-Up
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One thought on “Horseshoe Crab Pop-Up

  • January 29, 2015 at 1:45 am

    Ha! That’s great Rob. Makes me wish for beach weather!


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