Once upon a time I was asked to choose and then re-imagine any existing ad campaign by incorporating over-the-top paper engineering. The exercise was aimed at expanding on a brand’s current creative and exploring unusual or innovative applications for hand-assembled paper. Altoids was using these comical carnival sideshow posters at this time and something about the carnival theme spoke to me.



I created an animated duck pond game / shooting gallery counter display to elaborate on that carnival midway theme. They may have had an animation that looked something like this on their website but I can’t recall. Inside the paper housing, this piece had a nearly silent electric motor pulling a paper belt with paper ducks mounted to it. I also added flashing colored lights.  I have only a few photos and I found this small (poor quality) video clip which we took just before it went out to a sales meeting in New York City.

I have no idea where this ended up but I meant to keep it. It was a useful experiment to explore what else was possible using paper and I think the concept could have been streamlined and made more practical for production if we had wanted to pursue it.


Minty Motorized Sideshow

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