This year was a return to complicated Christmas card assembly. As chief assembly helper, my wife was understandably thrilled. I have to admit that these were a lot of work. No more soldering resistors on greeting cards for a while.

Anyway, the card is a short narrative about my son and I preferring to play the imaginary “Scrooge Fighters” video game over reading “A Christmas Carol” with my wife. Once you press the button on the remote game controller, the animated goofiness starts.

20180113_112819 (Large)
Shall we read a book?
Let's play the game instead!
Let’s play the game instead!

20180113_112921 (Large)


20180113_113040 (Large)


20180113_112949 (Large)
Tabs secure the walls in place


20180113_113303 (Large)


20180113_113335 (Large)


20180113_113503 (Large)


20180113_113642 (Large)


I expected that this would require a little extra postage but the USPS was really killing me! It would have been more affordable for us to transport blood diamonds or donor organs for transplant! I’m stuck paying the bill though because, let’s face it – Ecards are never going to be as cool as a tangible paper pop-up card.

That’s it for 2017. I’m hoping to do more projects this year that I can post about. Most of my paper engineering work is protected by client confidentiality so I’m left with very little that I can share until things are produced.


Motorized Animated Christmas Card
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3 thoughts on “Motorized Animated Christmas Card

  • January 17, 2018 at 1:02 pm

    Hi Rob, Rosemary and Sammy. Happy New Year!
    As always, Rob’s holiday card is ingenious, creative and fun
    (albeit perhaps a bit overly taxing on the helpers this year ;).
    Have a great year!


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