This is just a short post to say that I’ll be enjoying the Movable Book Society’s Conference in the lovely city of Philadelphia this weekend. I’m looking forward to visiting with some great paper people that I already know and I’m also hoping to meet some talented people that I haven’t yet had the opportunity to talk to.  There are only a precious few real paper engineers in the world so the community seems welcoming and supportive to me.  (Much like Sasquatches, I imagine.) Since I work from my home studio, I’m usually more inclined to be a complete introverted hermit but I think I should start trying to mingle with these folks. I’ll bring a bunch of my weird paper things to show and I hope others do that also. Otherwise I’ll look especially dorky.  Here’s a link to the organization if you’re interested in pop-up books and collecting them etc.

Movable Book Conference

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