Good news!

I have another card in The Museum of Modern Art’s holiday card program! This year I did a cuckoo clock card that instantly pops into a dimensional format which can hang as a cute ornament from your tree (or wherever you’d hang such things.)


It is still such a thrill to get the first box of produced samples in the mail. This is probably because I didn’t have to actually make them all with my own two hands for a change.



My oven cards sold out last year so I hope these do as well. The museum has been featuring my card as the “hero image” for the holiday cards in their 2017 printed catalogs which is also great. I did a bit more illustrating this time around which easily takes me twice as long as the paper engineering does these days.


Hopefully, I’ll get around to posting something again before the end of the year but in the meantime, here is the short video of this card’s “special feature” in action. Ornament hooks are included!


New Cuckoo Clock Christmas Card at MoMA
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