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I’ve done quite a few of these little punch-out models over the years but this one was the roundest car I’d ever tried to make.  I worked from several different renderings provided by the  studio of the redesigned Herbie car. It is made from just 4 perforated pieces and is fairly simple to assemble. You can’t design a paper VW bug like you design all those other dime-a-dozen boxy paper vehicles.  It needs to be more… curvilinear  (as my Art History professor would say.) Even so, there always has to be some parallel and perpendicular angular folding in these kinds of paper constructions – but a rounded vehicle like this is always tougher to design than some hipster-candy 1980’s Volvo paper car would be. I like the challenge of approaching something familiar in a different way though.

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After looking at these photos, I was wondering why that rear spoiler was so big. I recall that there was some client input about the need to have it exaggerated but I can’t remember why. It does make it easier to assemble though. I might just leave it off of my model though in the name of customization. ‘Cause I’m a rebel like that.

Punch-out punch buggy
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