I made this animated short as a student a few years back. I had to create several different paper sets in various scales for the different shots required on my storyboards. Looking back, some of the narrative is probably a little convoluted and the rhyme from the book’s pages is lost due to the length of the animation. Oh well. It was student work and I only had a week to build and shoot everything. Animation takes time, people. We found out quickly that there is no faking animation in a critique. You either have something to project or you do not. Art students can occasionally get lucky with something done quickly in photography or fine arts but doing animation in any medium is just never a speedy endeavor. Allow me to step down from my soapbox so that I can explain these characters. Red Dog and Baby are mischievous stuffed animals owned by a little boy and his sister. In this scenario, they have taken a paper form and are walking through a pop up book. I think this assignment was due close to the holiday break – so that would explain the Christmas theme. I’ll have to dig up some more of these animations. No doubt there will be a Red Dog & Baby feature film some day and you will have gotten in on the ground floor just by viewing this today! Good for you.

“Santa’s Claw” Pop-up Book Animation
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