Of all the ways I’ve ever seen an image change made from paper, I’ve never quite seen this done before. The swirling-in of the secondary image is pretty unexpected when you pull the tab out to the right. This is an idea I had that ultimately took about two years (on and off) to accomplish. It worked well enough in its basic form fairly quickly but I soon started to realize why it may never have been done before. The details were quite difficult to solve. (Mathematics were involved!) I revisited it several times over a two year period until I had the breakthrough(s) I needed. It finally works as smoothly and reliably as I imagined. The circular area can be cut down into any shape but I like it this way because it hints at the impending rotational motion. I’m going to see what else it can do as a part of a book or other paper structure.

This mechanism so impressed the famous Pop-Up Lady that she wrote about it and me on her blog. The knowledgeable and enthusiastic Mrs. Ellen Rubin wrote a comprehensive review of the Movable Book Society’s conference in Philadelphia and I’m mentioned on page 4. I think “wunderkind” is a lot to live up to but I appreciate the comparison to Andrew Baron who is a paper engineering hero to me. I’m so glad to have been able to meet Ellen and Andy and so many other great artists, engineers, and collectors there. It was a little overwhelming to me but I certainly look forward to attending the next conference.




Swirling Image Card

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