Every once in a while you are asked to design something so crazy, you wonder if the request is a joke. So one day a few years ago I was asked if I could make a simple magazine insert  to demonstrate how an SUV and a sports car might “get together” to produce a new crossover vehicle. Naturally I laughed at the idea because there was NO way that a client would ever really run an awesome ad like that. But maybe – just maybe…

This design went much quicker than I expected it to but I was on fire with inspiration. I also wanted to finish it before the preposterously awesome project got cancelled. Everybody thought this thing was hilarious and it was (of course) designed conscientiously for production with practicality and cost in mind so that it would meet a budget. It is surprisingly simple inside but the math and mechanism were tough to sort out without sacrificing any of the motion I wanted to portray. I have an animation background and I just knew it wasn’t going to be as funny without all that gyrating and rocking.

I think this turned out a little more “wild kingdom” than they expected it to be so, sadly it was never produced. I made sure not to show any exhaust pipes or anything that might be misconstrued as too “dirty” but perhaps the way the sports car is rocking up and down on its shocks was a bit much. Oh well. But it has remained a favorite and is always a crowd-pleaser when I show it to new people. The white tape in the video is just there to cover any logos or identifiers so as to protect the innocent. This one was all my doing and I am unapologetic. Sorry – I mean, NOT sorry!

The Curious Case of the Copulating Cars
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